Thursday, October 11, 2007

Rosetta's Kitchen - Asheville

We've had some road-trips lately, and had some terrific food in Asheville. Even though it is about 4 hours from Raleigh, we still wanted to mention some of the great vegetarian stuff for anyone headed out that way.

Our first stop (literally, our first stop right off the highway getting into Asheville) was at Rosetta's Kitchen. This place is fantastic! The dingy/artsy atmosphere and the pierced & tattooed workers all fit right into the Asheville cultural vibe, and the menu of vegan options was impressive. We had a smoky tofu sandwich that was delicious - highly recommended. We also tried the mock-chicken salad sandwich. It was OK, but didn't measure up to our favorite (the one Jeremy makes at the Cary Whole Foods). We also wanted to try the Tempeh-lo Wings, but they were sold out! The old people at the next table were eating the last of them. We SO wanted to steal a few, but managed to contain ourselves. Maybe next time. And there WILL be a next time, because there were so many other things on the menu that we still want to try.

Their web site is here:

And the menu is here:

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Ben said...

I tried the tempeh wings and boy, was it an odd experience - they were so hot and meaty, and then they had vegan ranch dip sauce to dip it in. I had never had anything like this in my life.

Fantastic place. I would eat here religiously if it was in Raleigh.