Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Peking Garden - Chinese - Raleigh, NC

It's been a few months since we last ate at Peking Garden, but I had to write a post on this restaurant because I keep forgetting to and this restaurant should NOT be forgotten!

This is a beautiful restaurant inside, with many vegetarian options on the menu. They also have a sister restaurant in Downtown Raleigh called Cody's, which we have not tried.

By far the best dish we've tried at Peking Garden is the Tender Crispy Tofu. It's fried, but not overly greasy or heavy. All the food at Peking Garden is fresh and light like this.

They also have vegetable egg rolls, spring rolls and dumplings.

Defintely worht a vist if you haven't tried it already! There's even a movie theater in the same shopping center if you want to make it a "date night".

This is another restaurant that we wish was closer to Cary - definitely worth repeat visits.

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