Friday, April 25, 2008

Ming Garden - Chinese - Chapel Hill

Sit-down Chinese restaurant in a strip mall setting.

Impressive Vegetarian selection.

Just a warning - although very delicious the Eggplant Salad is not an appetizer like I mistakenly thought it was, but an ENTIRE salad topped with lightly breaded pieces of eggplant. We ended up getting 3 entrees without meaning to but enjoyed having the leftovers!

Unlike many Chinese restaurants in the area, this one actually features mock meats and not just tofu as a vegetarian option. The food was fresh and flavorful and not too heavy or greasy.

Ming Garden is one of the best places for Chinese food we've found since Mama Wok closed. As always, if only it were closer to Cary maybe we could let the memory of Mama R.I.P. Until then, the search continues...

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Matt Bidwell said...

We just went tonight after reading this entry. We got a chicken dish with fake chicken. The fake chicken seems to be the only fake meat they had. It was pretty good. Not really heavy at all. It was an extra $2 to substitute.