Monday, June 30, 2008

Saladelia Cafe - Breakfast/Sandwiches/Salads - Durham

We didn't try this place but saw it on our way into Twisted Noodles - it's in the same shopping center. I noticed the "Vegemeaty" logo truck in the parking lot and was curious. They even have a Vegetarian Resource Group sticker on their door by the entrance.

We grabbed a menu and peeked inside. It looked to hold a fairly large amount of tables and the atmosphere was nice. It was almost completely empty though since it was about 8pm on a Saturday night and I'm guessing this is more of a lunch spot. They also do catering.

According to the menu:
-They use free range eggs and claim to use "fresh/homemade/Organic" ingredients
-They always have a Vegetarian Soup option on the menu
-You can get Soy Milk in your coffee (I know it's not THAT exciting, but not every place offers this - Panera and Bruegger's and other cafes like it usually don't, so it's something at least)
-Juices on the menu, like the Orange Juice, are always squeezed fresh
-They offer Free Wireless in the cafe

From what I can tell, they are very Vegetarian Friendly, but if you are a strict Vegan you might have trouble finding too much. Although, they do have a Greek Sampler platter that you could easily pick 3 vegan items to include in the platter.

* My suggestion to the Owner would be to add Scrambled Tofu to the Breakfast Menu. Anyone in NC is hard pressed to find a breakfast place if they are vegan and a cute cafe to have a leisurely breakfast or brunch is a much-needed niche to fill.

I'd be all over any place I could get a vegan breakfast burrito and a soy espresso drink on a lazy Sunday morning (when I'm too lazy to make it all myself!)

4201 University Dr # 100
Durham, NC 27707
(919) 489-5776

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