Thursday, March 12, 2009

Trader Joe's new faux-chicken products

Trader Joe's (Cary location) has been carrying some of their own brand of vegan "chicken strips" and "beef strips", and they are both very good - comparable to the Morningstar Meal-Starters.

They have also introduced BBQ Pulled "chicken". I found it to be rubbery, a little slimy, and not very tasty. A Trader Joe's employee insisted that it is really good if you smother it in their own brand of BBQ sauce, but I just didn't like the texture. I think I'd rather spring for the Delight Soy version at the Whole Foods deli counter.

They also have a new Stuffed "Chicken" Breast product, which we liked a lot. The "Chicken" part of it is disturbingly convincing, it has a nice stuffing of corn and black beans, and a tomato-based sauce that is surprisingly spicy. We'll definitely get those again.

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