Monday, September 24, 2007

Support Local Farmers and Humane Treatment of Farm Animals

This weekend we went on the local Farm Tours. We went to the ones this past spring as well. Last time they were the Chapel Hill area and this time we went to Holly Springs and Louisburg.

Buttons are sold at Whole Foods (and other places). For $30 the button gets you access to the farms for both days or you can pay $10 per farm.

It's a great way to buy fresh produce and support local farmers. If you eat eggs, it's a sure way of buying humane eggs.

Last spring we went to Fickle Creek Farm and this time the two that stood out were Amazing Acres and Mae Farm.

Amazing Acres is more of an educational farm geared toward children. They have potbellied pigs, turkeys, chickens, ducks and a goat.

Mae Farm is primarily a hog farm, but I have to respect the owner, Mike Jones for providing a true free-range home for his pigs. Their food is all natural, no pesticides and the animals appear happy. I know they still have a horrible fate, but if you had to pick the lesser of two evils, this would be it. Encourage meat-eating friends and family to purchase from farmers like this (while still encouraging vegetarian diet).

At the end of the Mae Farm tour I was even able to hand a couple of vegetarian brochures to a man and his mother who were on the tour. I could tell by the questions he asked the farmer that he wanted to know more about factory farming. I gave him these privately after the tour (I don't recommend harassing the farmers).

All in all, these tours are informative and fun. It's always a joy to watch the piglets play and the chickens dust-bathe and also to remind myself why I don't eat meat.

Keep an eye out for the tour schedules every year and bring a group to go. It's a good way to get your foot in the door to introduce to your friends and family issues like factory farming, organic farming etc.

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Anonymous said...

Hey.. I just found this blog and I appreciate the info. We used to live in Raleigh and my sister-in-law just moved to Cary so we'll definitely be visiting from time to time. Looks like a lot more veg. options now than when we were there 8+ years ago.