Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Brixx Pizza - Brier Creek, Raleigh

Update: We've eaten the soy cheese pizzas here and they are very good.

We tried the Margherita Pizza and the Wild Mushroom Pizza and just substituted soy cheese for regular.

The Wild Mushroom Pizza comes with a full bed of arugula salad on the top of it, so I had to ask for a side of balsamic dressing on the side, otherwise it was too dry.



Brixx Pizza is now open! The staff assured me that they DO have soy cheese as an option for their pizzas! http://www.brixx.com/

From their site:

*** Veggie Pizza ***

Any pizza can be prepared with veggie cheese, a soy based cheese that is lactose free and has no animal fat. Best of all, it tastes great! No extra charge!

So now we have 5 options that I know of in the Triangle... ZPizza, Brixx, Mellow Mushroom, Moonlight Pizza and Lilly's.

Please buy from them to show our support for vegan pizza!


Dilip said...

Thanks for the details. Are you sure that they don't have cheese or egg in their crust? I have been wanting to create a pizza reference on trianglevegsociety.org for some time!

Staci said...

I asked them if there is casein in the soy cheese and they said that there is.

Ashley said...
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