Friday, August 31, 2007

Dalat - Vietnamese/Chinese - Raleigh

We ate here tonight with some friends. The reviews out there that the restaurant is filthy and waiters are rude are untrue. I saw no ants or roaches and everyone was really helpful. Our waiter seemed a bit confused, but he promptly got the owner to be our waitress. She was very helpful in helping us choose vegan dishes. She was very friendly, upbeat and quite frankly, hilarious. She was the highlight of our evening. She also let us know that the "tofu crepes" on the menu are made with rice flour, and that the only thing eggy about them was the egg color. So they are vegan. We did not try them though.

We all shared the dalat rolls with tofu, Tofu with Lemongrass on Vermicelli, Tofu with Chili and Lemongrass, Grilled tofu with vermicelli and the famous tofu sub. I think we got the grilled tofu sub when what we should have gotten was the marinated tofu sub, but it was still very good, and had a chicken-like consistency as did the grilled tofu with vermicelli. Overall, the concensus was that the Tofu with Chili and Lemongrass was the best dish. I would definitely go back to try more entrees.

NOTE: They are closed Sundays


jason said...
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jason said...

Went back there for lunch yesterday and the entire place was packed. Service was still pretty good though and the food was rockin yo!

Ben said...

The marinated tofu sub is outta this world.

I do think this place is kinda sketchy though.

Jimmy said...

The first time I went there (about 12 years ago) I hated it; I found out the problem was I wasn't familiar with vietnamese food. The second time I got the vegetarian crepes- they were quite delicious. Next time I got the tofu with chili and lemongrass. I've been exclusively ordering that ever since. All my friends have their favorite dishes and we always look forward to getting to that side of town. This restaurant is out of this world. Yes- the owner is a hoot- she used to be very terse and brash but a friend told me she was going through tough times with her family but now she's really blossomed into a vibrant woman who knows how to run a successful restaurant. I love this place!

Amber said...

I moved away from Raleigh six years ago and I have to say, I really miss being able to walk to Dalat and Dalat Subs. le sigh... I considered it to be a highlight of the neighborhood. Also, I find the decor kitschy and charming.