Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Toreros - Cary & other locations

We haven't been too thrilled with the Mexican food in this area. So much of it seems heavy, salty, and not-so-fresh. Most of the time it is buried in so much cheese that you forget what you ordered.

Toreros isn't perfect either, but it is better than El Dorado or Tres Magueyes at least. They have a decent Mexi-Vegi selection , and their chips & salsa are pretty good. I got the Fajitas de Vegetables and really liked it. The veggies were nicely cooked and served piping hot, and there was plenty of guacamole (my favorite). The cheese, sour cream, etc. were all off to the side, so I could avoid the stuff I didn't want. It came with beans and rice, but I filled up on the fajitas and never got to them!

Toreros has locations around the triangle. We recently ate at the Cary location on Harrison. The Atlantic Ave. location in Raleigh was a good experience too. If you know of a particularly good Mexican restaurants for veg*n stuff, post a comment!

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