Sunday, August 12, 2007

Substituting at Restaurants - Don't be Afraid to Ask!

I've found over the years of being vegetarian that most restaurants will leave off non-vegan items such as cheese and meat etc. if you ask with no problem.

This seems like common sense, but many people feel shy about asking their server. Don't be afraid to ask, it lets the restaurant know that there is a vegetarian population out there that demands more than a menu with chicken in every salad and a piece of meat or cheese in every sandwich. Their menus might change if enough requests are made.

I've found that it makes lunch meetings/holiday events at work and dinners out with non-vegetarians less stressful. I can eat almost anywhere by doing this.

Even establishments that don't have ANYTHING vegetarian on the menu have been willing to make me something special if I ask, even if it's something as simple as a salad or a vegetarian pasta.

Places I have done this (among many) around here are:

-Stonewood Grille in Cary
-Bonefish Grill

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