Friday, August 10, 2007

But...all of our vegan items have cheese (Cafe Capistrano in Raleigh)

CitySearch had this to say about the restaurant - Know Before You Go "Vegetarians and vegans alike can request that almost any of the menu items be served to accommodate their needs". When I got there the word *vegan* was even on the menu! I was so excited. But when I ordered my vegan burrito (I said the word 'vegan'), I was brought a tortilla oooooozing with melted cheese. When I explained this to my waiter, he looked so confused (poor kid) and he actually said to me with a straight face - "But...all of our vegan items have cheese in them"

I nicely explained to him the difference between vegan and vegetarian and he apologized and did not charge me for my meal (he didn't give me anything else to eat either, but that was yet another miscommunication). What I learned (or knew and was reminded of again) - Always SAY "no dairy, no eggs" when ordering vegan. Don't just trust that because the word is ON the menu, that the staff has ANY idea what that word means. Our waiter even said that the General Manager HIMSELF had no idea that vegan was not just vegetarian, but he did say the chef knew what it meant. I saw my bill and the waiter had written "veg burrito" on the order, so it was not the chef's fault, since he could have taken that to mean 'vegetarian', HOWEVER, any and all staff should be made aware of what *vegan* means, if it is printed right on their menu, otherwise, what is the point? Any restaurant putting "vegan" on the menu and not educating it's staff of what that actually means, can't get a recommendation.

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