Sunday, November 25, 2007

Area Vegan Events - Thanksgiving - Triangle Vegetarian Society

For those new to the area, there is a local Triangle Vegetarian Society that hosts events, potlucks etc.

They also host the country's largest all vegan Thanksgiving Event, which is held at an upscale restaurant in Durham. Tickets are purchased ahead of time for a specified time slot. Food is served buffet style, but is both delicious and displayed elegantly. They also sell raffle tickets for an array of vegan goods.

We went this year for the first time and were very impressed. It was a nice experience to be surrounded by compassionate, like-minded people. We highly recommend going with your family, vegan or not, for a break from cooking and for some wonderful food.


Dilip said...

Thanks for your kind comments. I'm glad that you found us and hope that you will be a regular at Thanksgiving - and consider joining ( You may enjoy my blog at . Best wishes! --Dilip

Ben said...

This is an event definitely worth going to at least once. The amount of desserts was overwhelming... especially as a vegan... my advice: EAT A LOT!!