Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crisp - Salads/Wraps - Crabtree Valley Mall Food Court

This is a new place we discovered at the mall food court.

It's a salad/wrap place that does made-to-order salads and wraps. They also have soup. The special of the day was veggie chili, but I got them to make me a Santa Fe salad wrap, substituting tofu for the chicken. Tofu on a food court menu is rare and an exciting change, so that's why we gave this place a shot. Another exciting thing we found at the register was a basket of The Alternative Baking Company vegan cookies! So we bought one of those too.

The fact that this place offered tofu AND had specifically vegan labelled cookies made this place stand out. It's a very new chain so please check it out if you're at the food court.

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