Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sushi Blues - Sushi - Downtown Raleigh

We've been meaning to try this place for literally 2 years now and finally did when our friends invited us to go last night. We'd put it off due to bad reviews of poor service, but found it was nothing like that.

Good service, cool atmosphere and great food is all we found. We went at 6pm on a Saturday night, and it did start to fill up once we were there, so it's probably better to get their earlier than later. I have a feeling most of the bad reviews are from people out late, trying to get a table.

The menu has many vegan options for a sushi place. Before you order you are given a little bowl of spicy cold noodles, which are vegan and very tasty.

For dinner we tried the Veggie Hosomaki Combo (ask for no mayo on the crunch roll if you are vegan). The combo comes with a miso soup and a salad and consists of:
One crunchy roll, one veggie roll, and one avocado roll. We also added the seaweed salad, which was excellent. We split this between 2 people and it was a LOT of food. Our friends got the veggie tempura, a Veggie Hosamaki Combo and an noodle entree that was a HUGE portion for one person.

I highly recommend this place and we hope to go back sooner than later. It's nice enough that it would make a good date spot and laid back enough that it's a fun place to go with friends.

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